Daily Archives: October 2, 2019

Re-Barrel Service

We maintain an inventory of barrels from Bartlein and Proof Research. This allows us to efficiently re-barrel your long range precision rifle when the time comes, or when you’re ready to upgrade. We offer re-barrel services for Remington 700, aftermarket R700 clones, Tikka T3, Sako TRG and many other actions. Our turnaround time [...]

DMR Rifle Build

We keep a number of components on hand so we can efficiently deliver rifle builds to our clients. Our turnaround time using in-stock components often falls within 2-4 weeks. The components we carry are from reputable manufacturers that we have no reservations using on our personal rifles. We have a range of options available to best [...]

Build/Labor Service

We have clients that to like to purchase their own components and send them in to have the rifle completed. We build rifles utilizing client supplied parts with the same methods and standards as any DMR product. We offer efficient turnaround time, high quality workmanship and proven accuracy. We can also assist clients with sourcing components [...]