KG Made: Rogue 30 Suppressor

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I was first introduced to KG Made products by a friend. I had never heard of them previously and reached out to learn more. I have had the opportunity to touch base with individuals behind some outstanding companies. The experience has always left me with a much greater appreciation for what they do. This was no different with Kyle of KG Made. I was very impressed to learn about his work in the nuclear industry and weld development consulting for different companies. During my conversations with Kyle, we were able to discuss many topics, including his approach to suppressors.

KG Made taper mount.

KG Made suppressors are purpose built. They are conceptualized, designed and constructed to excel. My specific use was for a precision rifle. I wanted a suppressor that maintained host rifle accuracy, was not heavier than it needed to be, and offered excellent suppression. The Rogue 30 fit the bill and its mounting system was an added bonus. The Rogue 30 is fully constructed from Titanium which allows it to remain lightweight despite its size. The taper mount is convenient when installing and removing the suppressor, with the added benefit of centering the can and providing large amounts of surface mating area for repeatability. The muzzle brake is effective at reducing felt recoil when shooting unsuppressed. I also appreciate the ability to purchase additional mounts and use the suppressor on multiple rifles (rated for .300 WM as short as 18″).

Frame grab from Real Justin Collett/Shooter Media.

The Rogue 30 is not a petite suppressor with a length of 9.2″ and diameter of 1.7″. Despite its size it only weighs 15 ounces. The thread fit between the mount and suppressor is excellent. A tapered mount is the middle ground between direct thread and quick detach in my opinion. The mount features a 20 tpi interface and is designed to offer superior alignment and repeatability than direct thread. You can still make the argument for “tolerance stack up” if you’re a die hard direct thread fan (which I kind of am).

The rifle I’m currently using is my DMR 18” 6.5mm Creedmoor. The shorter barrel makes it ideal for utilizing a suppressor while still maintaining acceptable ballistic performance and handling characteristics. The barrel and suppressor is 26.4” which is not an uncommon barrel length for competition and hunting rifles. The 18” barrel and performance of the Rogue 30 suppressor make for a very adaptable and capable rifle.

The KG Made Rogue 30 suppressor arrived raw and unfinished. This has been a growing trend allowing manufacturers to show off their beautiful welds. Included with the Rogue 30 were the 5/8” x 24 tpi mount, KG Made sticker and mirage cover manufactured by Cole Tac. The taper mount will need to be timed so the baffles exit at the 9 and 3 O’Clock positions. I put my barrel in the lathe and timed the mount so it’s torqued against the barrel shoulder since I hate using peel washers. Once the mount was installed, I was ready to use the Rogue 30.

Re-test *Hand load.

The Rogue 30 boasts an efficient baffle design, large internal volume and low tone producing impressive sound reduction on a range of cartridges. I was told the suppressor performance will increase as I shoot more rounds. The performance of the Rogue 30 was obvious from the start but we did struggle initially with the mount. I wasn’t achieving repeatable results so we put a witness mark where the mount and suppressor meet and verified that the suppressor was moving. This meant that our initial test results had to be tossed out and the issues resolved. The first thing we did was remove the suppressor and make sure the two tapered mating surfaces were clean. After re-testing we found the suppressor was still moving. It was actually out of frustration that I put the rifle between my knees and cranked the suppressor down, turning it past my witness mark. Once I did this, we begin seeing desirable properties in the Rogue 30 come to life!

The Rogue 30 lends itself to use on precision rifles with focus on accuracy, lightweight and suppression performance. I did experience difficulties that resulted in initial tests being thrown out. Below are those results. The first image is 5 round groups fired from 100 yards using different types of 6.5 Creedmoor ammunition with the KG Made taper mount.

Initial test image #1

Initial test image #1

Below are 5 round groups fried from 100 yards using the same 6.5mm Creedmoor ammunition with the Rogue 30 suppressor attached.

Initial test image #2

Initial test image #2

When comparing the groups shot with Gorilla Ammunition (top left, image #1 and #2) you’ll notice almost zero POI shift from unsuppressed to suppressed! I plan to re-perform this test with another selection of 6.5mm Creedmoor ammunition applying what I’ve learned about torquing on the suppressor. After solving the problem and re-testing some of the ammunition I achieved different results, in particular with Winchester ammunition (photo below). Once the issue was resolved the suppressor displayed excellent host rifle accuracy properties in addition to excellent suppression performance. I intend to buy additional mounts so I can use the Rogue 30 on other rifles like my DMR 20″ 6.5 SAUM. I will also track “return to zero” repeatability so please stay tuned for the results of my re-test!