Dead Air Silencers: Nomad-30

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We were somehow able to get our hands on the new Nomad-30 from Dead Air Silencers. The Nomad-30 boasts a short overall length, lightweight and high efficiency baffle design. The suppressor also incorporates additional features that make it very appealing for use on multiple platforms. The Nomad-30 comes in shorter & lighter than the Sandman Ti with the same industry leading suppression performance. The Nomad is constructed from 17-4 stainless steel and grade 5 titanium. Check out the video below, did you hear a first round pop?

One of the first things we did to test the Nomad-30 was make sure it maintained host rifle accuracy. We accomplished this by shooting multiple 5 round groups at 100 yards using a proven rifle and ammunition. The groups where shot from the prone position using a bipod and rear bag. The average of the three groups is 0.46 MOA (pictured below). We do not usually see host rifle accuracy issues with direct thread attachment and it’s one of the reasons we like having that option. The size and weight of the Nomad-30 make it a great choice for our Shorty 6.5 Creedmoor rifles.

The Nomad-30 has the ability to switch from direct thread, to KEY-MO QD attachment. You can also change/replace bore end caps, including flash hider end caps common with the Sandman line. The new Dead Air E-Brake is optimized for use on the Nomad-30 but is also compatible with the Sandman. The E-Brake adds length to the suppressor but also reduces felt recoil (its a muzzle brake for your suppressor). The modular features and available components from Dead Air allow for a suppressor you can configure exactly the way you want.

Dead Air Silencers is well known for making robust products that can withstand incredible amounts of punishment. They have a lifetime warranty, feature quick detach via the KEY-MO mount, with exception to the Sandman Ti and incorporates changeable end caps. These features make them excellent for use on a wide range of rifles but only the direct thread Sandman Ti appealed to us for use on a precision rifle. The Nomad retains what we like about Dead Air products but in a short & lightweight package. The ability to attach to the host rifle via KEY-MO and direct thread ensure its versatility. 


Rating:Multi – Up to .300 Win Mag
Weight:14 oz.
Finish:Cerakote body
Min. Barrel Length:No Restrictions
I think Dead Air Silencers did an excellent job with the Nomad-30. They created a modular suppressor suitable for multiple platforms without creating a “jack of all trades, master of none”. The biggest appeal to us is the compact size, lightweight & host rifle accuracy performance. The suppression is very good and has us curious about the patent pending baffle design. Unfortunately we do not have sound metering equipment and cannot provide any independent testing. We will be sharing video of different side by side’s comparing the Dead Air Silencers Nomad-30, KG Made Rogue 30 and CGS Group Hyperion. I also plan to put the suppressor on a semi-auto host using the KEY-MO QD setup.