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We have clients that to like to purchase their own components and send them in to have the rifle completed. We build rifles utilizing client supplied parts with the same methods and standards as any DMR product. We offer efficient turnaround time, high quality workmanship and proven accuracy.

We can also assist clients with sourcing components needed to complete their rifles like; Bartlein 5R & Proof Research carbon fiber wrapped barrels, Trigger Tech triggers, American Precision Arms muzzle brakes and actions from top manufacturers. We often have Manners PRS 2 stocks and chassis from Kinetic Research Group on hand. We also stand behind our work and components from our inventory in the event of an issue. Our clients can have confidence in trusting us with building their rifle.

We offer a variety of labor services for builds with customer-supplied parts. All barrel work is done based on dialing in the centerline of the bore with 0.0001″ indicators on tapered rods that are inserted into the bore. This is done with the barrel inside of the spindle bore.

  • Remington 700 action truing includes truing the threads, face and bolt lug locking surfaces, the bolt face and lugs. The receiver and bolt are both trued in fixtures on a lathe, not with a piloted tap– $225.00
  • Complete barrel job: Threads hand fit to receiver, chambered to SAAMI spec, muzzle threaded or recess crown – $530.00
  • Pillar bedding with Devcon Steel Putty and aluminum pillars – $300.00
  • Badger oversized bolt knob installed (knob and labor included) – $135.00

Additional options:

  • Single color Cerakote finish on entire barreled action – $300.00
  • Single color Cerakote finish on barrel only – $100.00
  • Custom multi-color patterns & colors also available

Please email us at for a quote.

DMR carbon fiber & Ti 16.5" 6.5 Creedmoor

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