The Grayboe Renegade


Originally published by October 10, 2016

I was given the opportunity to try a stock from a new company in Arizona called Grayboe, LLC The model I’m using is the Renegade and you may notice it’s very similar to the fabled McMillan A5. Grayboe is the only authorized user of the design which is fully licensed and approved by McMillan Fiberglass Stock Company. The Renegade is reasonably priced with an MSRP around $350.00. Grayboe currently offers two stocks, the Renegade and the Outlander. They will be releasing two highly anticipated hybrid concept designed stocks at the 2017 SHOT Show, so be on the lookout for them!

I spent almost an hour on the phone with the President and Co-Founder of Grayboe LLC, Ryan McMillan. Ryan is a Navy Veteran, the founder of McMillan Firearms (sold in 2013), and grandson of the famous Gale McMillan who started McMillan Stocks. During our conversation we were able to touch base on a wide range of subjects pertaining to the hunting and long range shooting communities. Ryan also conveyed what Grayboe has set out to do. Not only do they want to provide the very best off the shelf stocks on the market, but also be able to produce them quickly and without sacrificing quality. After two years of R&D, Grayboe now utilizes new materials, technology and construction techniques to produce a well designed, high quality rifle stock and look to build a distribution network that would make it much easier for shooters, rifle builders and manufacturers to obtain their products without the long wait times.

After receiving my Renegade stock, I took the opportunity to look it over and was pleased with the fit, feel and attention to detail. It’s featured on my DMR, LLC built 6.5mm SAUM, the rifle I use for big game hunting and long range shooting. While the Renegade is not the lightest of the current product line (weighing about 3.9 lbs per the Grayboe website), it does offer features long range shooters are accustom to. Amongst them include a beavertail forearm, vertical pistol grip and butt hook. From the list of colors and patterns available for the stock, I decided to go with Grey. Included with the stock is the recoil pad and three sling swivel studs, two in the front (one for a bi-pod and the other for the sling) and a single stud in the rear. I purchased bottom metal from Pacific Tool & Gauge and opted to have the Renegade inlet for the pattern. The PT&G bottom metal fit nicely into the stock and I decided to utilize the 9/16” aluminum pillars that were included. Jason with DMR, LLC bedded my barreled action to the Grayboe Renegade using Devcon. Aesthetically, the classic lines of the A5 stock design and Remington 700 receiver go together like fireworks on the Fourth Of July. The result is a durable, accurate host for the barreled action and altogether makes for a very handsome rifle. The rigid construction material of the Renegade ensures the forestock won’t flex and contact the barrel. This is a common problem with stocks used on many factory rifles. My stock ended up weighing in at 4.17 lbs. after Jason was through with it.

The Grayboe Renegade is a straightforward product with few “bells and whistles.” It was meant to get the job done and hold up to abuse like your favorite set of wrenches or that trusty four wheel drive truck. You can add additional features to the stock if you wish, but not from Grayboe. After touching base with Ryan again and doing some research, I found out you can purchase the Gen II Saddle Adjustable Cheek Piece from McMillan and install it on the Renegade. This may be an option, in the future, available from Grayboe distributors like Red Hawk Rifles. You can also have the KMW LoggerHead ACP hardware installed if you’re looking for a different option. Currently, Grayboe stocks are only available in right hand versions.

Earning your trust is important to Grayboe, that is why they stand behind their products and offer a lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship. The Renegade is definitely worth consideration for your next rifle build or as an “off the shelf” option for a rifle you currently own. Grayboe stocks are high quality, can be supplied quickly and have a reasonable MSRP. The Renegade also has the ability to serve as a foundation for the owner to customized as mentioned in the previous paragraph. This allows the stock to grow with the shooter and afford him or her the time to make decisions regarding future upgrades.

I have been spending a lot of time with my Grayboe Renegade lately and overall I’m very happy with it. The only change I would like to see is the option for a factory adjustable cheek piece. I’m enamoured with my DMR LLC Grit and the components that make up the rifle. I’m already contemplating different upgrades like external texturing and having the KMW LoggerHead ACP hardware installed. I look forward to seeing future offerings from Grayboe and hope to catch up with Ryan McMillan during SHOT Show 2017.


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