*DMR LLC is not responsible for knowing your local gun laws. Rifles listed in this section are complete, ready to purchase and to ship to your FFL.

24″ .300 Winchester Magnum Long Range Hunter (pictured above)

  • Primary Weapon Systems MK3 long action with 20 MOA base (Defiance Machine manufactured)
  • Bartlein 5R Medium Palma contour 1-9″ twist with 5/8″ x 24 tpi muzzle
  • APA Gen II Fat Bastard muzzle brake
  • Manner MCS-T Elite Tactical carbon fiber stock with external texturing (matte finish)
  • Aluminum pillar + Devcon bedded
  • Barreled action finished in Armor Black Cerakote
  • Trigger Tech Diamond trigger
  • PT&G AICS bottom metal
  • 1 magazine included
  • 9.6 lbs as pictured
  • $4,300.00 + shipping


18″ .223 Trainer/.223 Wylde chamber (pictured above)

  • Trued R700 Short Action with PT&G 1 piece bolt
  • Sako type extractor + oversize bolt knob
  • Bartlein 5R 18″ MTU contour .223 Wylde 1-7″ twist with 1/2″ x 28 tpi muzzle and blended thread protector
  • KRG Bravo chassis (Sako Green)
  • XLR R700 SA 20 MOA base
  • Barreled action finished in Grey Cerakote
  • Trigger Tech Special adjustable trigger
  • 1 .223 AICS magazine included
  • $2,800.00 + shipping


  • DMR custom builds can be available in 2-5 weeks depending on current inventory status
  • Please email dmillerrifles@gmail.com with any questions


DMR DT SRS/Covert barrels

  • DT Gen II extensions currently on hand.
  • DT blanks from Hawk Hill and Benchmark for your next DMR Desert Tech. barrel.
  • Please email dmillerrifles@gmail.com with any questions