December 2019

DMR: Available Chambers

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Below is a list of the chambers for cartridges we offer. We can also chamber barrels using client supplied tooling. Please email inquiries to, or give us a call Monday through Friday 7 am to 3 pm at (702) 420-9188. .20 cal .204 Ruger .22 cal .223 Wylde .22-250 .22 Creedmoor 6mm .243 Winchester 6mm Creedmoor SAAMI 6mm XC [...]

Terminus Helios

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Since switching to an Accuracy International rifle I have developed a serious appreciation for 60 degree bolt lift actions. The actions that come to mind are the Sako TRG and Accuracy International. In the past if you wanted a 60 degree bolt lift you had to commit to a non-Remington 700 footprint platform. When Curtis Custom came out with the [...]

Labor service: Curtis Custom Vector/Valor carbon fiber wrapped barrels

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We offer chamber labor services for client supplied carbon fiber wrapped barrel blanks. We chamber client barrels with the same proven methods as all DMR LLC products and services. We offer efficient turnaround times and high quality workmanship. We can chamber your barrel as a full thread torque in, or as a quick change depending on your [...]

Curtis Custom Valor/Vector barrels

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DMR barrels for the Curtis Custom Vector/Valor are made with the same quality and attention to detail as all DMR products and services. We start with a premium match grade stainless steel Bartlein 5R barrel in medium Palma, or heavy Palma contour and chamber it to our exacting standards. This combination produces highly accurate barrels for [...]