Eye Protection: Arclite Optics

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I was first introduced to Arclite Optics Ethos Sheild glasses in 2015-2016 during a Sin City Precision event by my friend Lars. Initially they seemed a little unorthodox compared to eye protection I was already accustom to using, but it didn’t take long and I began to understand the differences behind their design. Arclite Optics sunglasses are American National Standards Institute Z87.1+ rated and exceeds U.S. Military spectacle impact requirements. They are designed to offer maximum protection & functionality.

Ethos Photochromic P15 Kit with grey & yellow

One of the first things I noticed was the different sidearm/temple design. The flat, flexible sidearms allow you to comfortably wear them with “over the ear” hearing protection. This comes in handy when you will be spending all day on the range, or multiple days on the range. The majority of the time when I’m wearing my Ethos glasses I am shooting. The large lens and frame design means I can shoot prone without the frame obstructing my view through the optic. I also have been using more and more suppressors on my rifles & pistols increasing the risk of gas & debris being blown into my eyes. The sidearm/ear piece also play a role in the Ethos glasses ability to dissipate energy after an impact which can be seen in the video below.

The maximum protection and unobstructed viewing has given the Ethos glasses a little bit of 80’s flare, especially when utilizing the mirrored lenses. This puts Arclite Optics well ahead of current fashion trends. Many of the activities I enjoy put me at risk and I very much value my vision. The Ethos Photochromic P15 Kit with grey & yellow ensure I have the proper lenses & vision protection no matter what I’m doing.

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