Muzzle Threading

We offer muzzle threading service for client rifles with barrels that are 24″ or longer. We can also time/clock your muzzle brake or suppressor mount. We utilize the same proven methods and precision machines that produce DMR llc products. We offer efficient turnaround time with exceptional workmanship.

Contract Manufacturing

Did you know DMR provides precision rifle contract manufacturing services for other manufacturers & retailers? We also offer wholesale pricing on products like our AI & Vector pre-fit barrels.

Pre-fit barrels

Our pre-fit barrels for the Curtis Custom Vector, Accuracy International AT & Desert Tech SRS are made with the highest quality barrels and chambered to our exacting standards. The ability to utilize our pre-fit barrels allow a number of advantages to our clients like the ability to easily maintain their rifle and shoot different cartridges if desired.

Labor services

Do you have your own parts? Our most common build services and pricing are listed. We have them individually broken down, any questions please feel free to contact us!

DMR: 4560 rifle barrel swap

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Today it is relatively common to see a rifle with a carbon fiber wrapped barrel, especially on rifles where weight is critical. In a previous blog post “Carbon Fiber Added” we went [...]

AR-15 barrel: Version what?

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You might have noticed when we discuss our AR-15 barrels we refer to them as version 1, 2, 3, etc. At the time of this writing we are on version 4. We did this because during testing we would [...]

Contact us

Our shop is not open to the public. We are available by appointment only 7am-3pm Monday-Friday. Please email inquiries and appointment requests to dmillerrifles@gmail.com, or call/text us at (702) 420-9188.