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The DMR story...

In the long range rifle shooting community the average turnaround for a rifle build can be 4-6 months, and with some builders even longer! I was very active in shooting local matches and quickly got to the point where I needed my rifle re-barreled. This planted the seed and soon after I purchased my first lathe. Even though at the time I didn’t realize it, those were the beginnings of what is now Dane Miller Rifles, or DMR LLC!

Many of my strengths as a rifle builder stem from my time spent shooting, hunting, competing, and hosting matches. The DMR team has almost 30 years of combined experience. This experience has given us the ability to select products and offer recommendations that help our clients make informed decisions. We have also spent time on both sides of the fence and avoid putting our clients through frustrations we have experienced in this industry as customers. This perspective ensures we will always be motivated to offer the best customer service we can.


DMR Rifles

DMR rifles are built from components we have personally used and throughly vetted.  This hands on experience allows us to produce the best performing rifle possible for our clients. DMR uses the highest quality barrels available and builds every rifle to our exacting standards utilizing proven methods and precision machines. Available DMR rifles are listed on our products page and build packages are currently available (please allow 2-5 weeks for competition).

Available Rifles

Want to skip the wait? Check our products page for available rifles. These rifles are ready to ship to your FFL.

Current Inventory

Contact us to inquire about parts and components we have available. By utilizing parts from our inventory we can help expedite your build! We do our best to accommodate our clients and keep popular products on hand. These products include actions, barrels, stocks, and triggers. The components we stock are products we use on our personal rifles and recommend them to our clients.


View our most common services and procedures in the below text. We have them individually broken down, any questions please feel free to contact us!

Common Services

In addition to DMR rifles we also offer a variety of services for customer-supplied parts. This is a sample of some of the things we can do.  All barrel work is done based on dialing in the centerline of the bore with fine indicators on tapered rods that are inserted into the bore. This is done with the barrel inside of the spindle bore. Please contact us for a quote on your specific needs.

  • Complete rifle builds (typically 2-5 weeks once all parts are available) – Contact us for a quote
  • Remington 700 action truing includes truing the threads, face and bolt lug locking surfaces, the bolt face and lugs. The receiver and bolt are both trued in fixtures on a lathe, not with a piloted tap – $225.00
  • Complete barrel job: Threads hand fit to receiver, chambered to SAAMI spec, muzzle threaded or recess crown – $530.00
  • Pillar bedding with Devcon Steel Putty and aluminum pillars – $300.00
  • Badger oversized bolt knob installed (knob and labor included) – $135.00
  • Cerakote finish- barrel only $100.00, barreled action – $290.00

Interested in getting your own custom build started?

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Our shop is not open to the public. We are available by appointment only 8am-3pm Monday-Friday. Please email inquiries and appointment requests to: dmillerrifles@gmail.com