Muzzle Threading

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We offer muzzle threading for factory rifles with barrels that are 24″ or longer. That is the shortest length our machines can accommodate without removing the barrel from the receiver. We avoid removing factory barrels because it is easy to damage the barrel or finish. The most common muzzle threads we cut are 5/8″x24 tpi & 1/2″x28 tpi. The turnaround time in most cases is ~1-2 weeks. We can accommodate different threads like 3/4″x24 tpi & metric threads. The turnaround time is usually longer for metric. We encourage clients to include their muzzle brake, or suppressor mount so we can time/clock them to the barrel. Below are our rates; we accept cash, check & CC (+3.5%).

  • $125.00 + shipping (rifle is stripped down to barreled action, bolt not needed)
  • $150.00 + shipping (complete rifle, reassembly needed)

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