DMR LR-308 prototype

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When we decided to begin work on a large frame AR pattern rifle we knew one of them would be a shorty 6.5mm Creedmoor. We have utilized 16.5″ 6.5 CM’s in our bolt action rifles dating back to 2010-2011 for use with our suppressors. 6mm Creedmoor was another obvious choice, we have migrated to that cartridge for competition use over the past couple years. We intend to have upper and rifle configurations that will serve as semi-automatic versions of bolt action rifles we currently offer. A semi-automatic rifle has some advantages over a bolt action rifle and we are excited to offer our clients another tool to meet their needs.

When we started this process we needed to decide which variant to go with. The large frame AR has three branches, Armalite AR-10, Kights Armament SR-25 and DPMS LR-308. You will find they have many shared components but also major differences that do not make them completely compatible with each other. After educating ourselves on the differences we decided to go with DPMS LR-308 pattern. The DPMS platform has a large selection of OEM and aftermarket parts available.

139 Scenar “team load” modified

Currently we have our focus on our up coming run of AR-15 complete uppers and rifles but have begun chambering barrels for test uppers/rifles. The 16.5″ 6.5mm Creedmoor is what we have the most rounds through at this time and have already used the rifle in one of our local long range rifles matches. Our accuracy results have been excellent with both factory ammunition and hand loads. We are continually working on refinements and plan to have the 6mm Creedmoor’s up and running in the near future. We will continue to post progress updates and information on our IG & Facebook page!

139 Scenar “team load” modified

Running our 16.5″ 6.5 Creedmoor in the local Sin City Precision long range rifle match, finished 13/30.