December 2018

OSS Suppressors: HX-QD 762 Ti

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OSS Suppressors is the home of Flow-Throughâ„¢ technology. The HX-QD line is the second generation of this technology. The model we’ve been given the opportunity to use is the HX-QD 762 Ti. The best way for me to describe Flow-Throughâ„¢ technology is by saying instead of baffles, the core of the suppressor looks more like the [...]

Dead Air Silencers: Nomad-30

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We were somehow able to get our hands on the new Nomad-30 from Dead Air Silencers. The Nomad-30 boasts a short overall length, lightweight and high efficiency baffle design. The suppressor also incorporates additional features that make it very appealing for use on multiple platforms. The Nomad-30 comes in shorter & lighter than the [...]