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We often get asked if we can true someone’s action and re-use the factory barrel. A factory barrel can produce a decent shooting rifle but if you want your receiver trued you will want to wait until it’s time to replace the barrel, or just replace it. Sometimes people are a little perplexed by our response and I swear we’re not being rifle snobs.

Factory barrels & receivers threads can be seriously misaligned and a rifle will benefit from straight receiver threads but the problem is to straighten them out we need to open up the major diameter of the receiver from 1.0625″ to 1.0725″ +/- . This means when we go to screw your factory barrel back in, the major diameter of the tenon will be too small. The tenon threads and chamber on your factory barrel are also likely not straight, so we advise people to hold off and enjoy their rifle for the time being. When they are ready for a new barrel that is the perfect time to have the receiver straightened out!

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26" 6.5 PRC built using a trued R700 action.