CGS Group: Hyperion Suppressor

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We’ve been anticipating the Hyperion suppressor from CGS Group for awhile and managed to get our hands on one recently. CGS Group is located in Artesia, New Mexico and also known for the design & manufacture of the CGS PANDORA™ firing device. The Hyperion suppressor we have is a 0.264″/6.5mm bore that attaches via 5/8″ x 24 direct thread. We wasted no time putting the suppressor on our host rifle. The first thing we wanted to test was “host rifle accuracy”.

Host rifle accuracy is a very important attribute to have in a suppressor used on precision rifles. The suppressor must maintain, or increase the accuracy of the host. We record results using the suppressor with a proven rifle & ammunition. This allows us to determine that the suppressor and mounting system maintain the rifles accuracy potential. Below is a 5 round group shot at 100 yards with the CGS Hyperion suppressor attached to our Shorty 6.5mm.

Host rifle accuracy test result

Our host rifle is a DMR Shorty 6.5 Creedmoor with; 18″ Bartlein barrel, Trigger Tech trigger, Ultimatum Precision U300 receiver and XLR Industries Carbon chassis. The ammunition I’m shooting is a hand load we developed and proven to consistently shoot 0.5 MOA at 100 yards. The CGS Group Hyperion performed very well in our host rifle accuracy test and we found its suppression performance to be excellent. CGS is currently in the process of manufacturing a run of Hyperion suppressors and we suggest contacting them about getting one.
(575) 736-2474 

206 Fletcher Rd.
Artesia, NM 88210

DMR 6.5 Shorty host rifle with Hyperion suppressor