KRG: Midas 2-stage Tikka Trigger

Information, Video

Over the past year I have gravitated toward 2-stage triggers. The main reason is because my Accuracy International AT has a 2-stage. I have been spending a lot of time with the rifle and became accustom to it. Kinetic Research Group released their Tikka 2-stage trigger called the Midas around the same time. I took the opportunity to change my Tikka from an upgraded factory trigger to the new Midas 2-stage trigger. Below is a short video of my initial impressions.

The KRG Midas is not the first 2-stage trigger for the Tikka platform I’ve used. Past offerings from other manufacturers felt great but we experienced issues with the safety working properly and quickly moved on. The Tikka rifle comes with a good single stage trigger which can be upgraded by simply changing a spring. I had high expectations for the Midas trigger based on my experience with other KRG products. After using the Midas trigger I am pleased to report that I like it and have not experience any issues.

I recommend before installing the trigger you check the small fastener that secures the trigger shoe. You can move the position of the trigger by loosening the fastener and sliding it to the desired position. Once you have it where you want it, tighten the fastener. *Follow the directions in the instruction manual when installing or adjusting trigger.