28 Nosler


A few years after its introduction in 2014 we began using 28 Nosler as one of our “go to” long range big game hunting rounds. We like the high ballistic coefficient of 7mm projectiles and the wide selection of bullet weights. We also like that factory ammunition and reloading components are available, although in 2017 they were scarce. We are now seeing factory ammunition from Hornady to accompany existing offerings from Nosler and others. The 28 Nosler is a long action magnum round capable harvesting anything on our continent.

DMR 28 Nosler long range hunting rifle

One thing to keep in mind when considering a 28 Nosler is that you will want to utilize an extended internal magazine like the Wyatt’s and possibly a replacement follower. Those who intend to use AICS detachable magazines will want to use Accurate Mag .300 WM SSSF (3.715″/3.850″) magazines. That will allow you to accommodate everything including the 195 grain Berger Elite Hunter. You may need to adjust the magazine lips slightly to ensure proper feeding. We recommend a 1-8″ to 1-9″ twist barrel and like running them between 22″ and 26″ long. The 28 Nosler is a hard hitting round that isn’t horribly bad on your shoulder when paired with a light hunting rifle using an efficient muzzle brake.

Our appreciation for 7mm stems from our time using 7mm SAUM. When using 180 grain Berger VLD’s at ~2,950-3,000 fps we were able to impact targets out to 2,260 yards! The 28 Nosler has significantly more case capacity versus its short action counterpart allowing the ability to push the same projectiles faster. During our 2017 Nevada mule deer hunt we utilized Nosler Trophy Grade 175 grain AccuBond ammunition with great success. The 28 Nosler cartridge is excellent for big game hunting, long range shooting and extreme long range shooting.

DMR 28 Nosler long range hunting rifle