Daily Archives: October 2, 2019

Pre-fit barrels

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We maintain an inventory of barrel blanks from Bartlein, Benchmark and others. This allows us to offer “off the self” and “made to order barrels” in an efficient manner. We also offer labor services for chambering pre-fits using client supplied barrel blanks. Our typical turnaround time is ~2 weeks. We currently offer [...]

Muzzle Threading

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We offer muzzle threading for factory rifles with barrels that are 24″ or longer. That is the shortest length our machines can accommodate without removing the barrel from the receiver. We avoid removing factory barrels because it is easy to damage the barrel or finish. The most common muzzle threads we cut are 5/8″x24 tpi & [...]

Labor Services

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We have clients that to like to purchase their own actions & barrel blanks to send in to have us take care of the machine work. We chamber barrels utilizing client supplied parts with the same methods and standards as any DMR product. We offer efficient turnaround time, exemplary workmanship and proven accuracy. All barrel work is done [...]