Dead Air Silencers: Nomad-L

Information, Video

The Nomad-L or “El Nomad” as we like to call it is a new addition to the Dead Air Silencers line-up. The Nomad-L is a longer version of the Nomad-30 at 8.39″ versus 6.5″ and incorporates the same mounting options and accessories. The added length of the Nomad-L allows for additional baffles increasing the sound suppression performance on high-pressure cartridges popular for long range shooting and big game hunting. We really like the Nomad-L for dedicated suppressed rifles like our 16.5″ 6.5 Creedmoor’s. The suppressor arrived with the 5/8″ x 24 tpi direct thread adapter which is our preferred attachment method for precision rifles.

Unfortunately we lack the equipment to properly measure sound. We cannot do any real sound comparisons but the Nomad-L is among the best sounding suppressors we’ve used. I have found it comparable (to my ear) with the CGS Group Hyperion DT and KG Made Rogue 30, which are both suppressors we use personally. The video above shows the very first rounds I put through the suppressor. I was impressed that there was no first round pop or sparks. The ammunition I am shooting is supersonic.

A very important characteristic we look for in the suppressors we use is host rifle accuracy. The mounting method you use can play a big role in the suppressors ability to do that and it’s one of the reasons we like direct thread for precision rifles. The video above shows 3 rounds fired from 100 yards and two, 5 round groups using factory Hornady 140 ELD ammunition. The Nomad-L had no issues maintaining accuracy on my 16.5″ 6.5 Creedmoor AIAT/AX. We also had excellent results with the Nomad-30.

One negative thing we did run into was a lack of mounts available to purchase. I had been searching around for a KeyMo flash hider so I could utilize the QD feature on my Nomad-30. I couldn’t find one to save my life. Thankfully a friend of mine had a spare he was willing to give me. Dead Air Silencers at the beginning of the year made serious manufacturing changes. These changes are meant to maintain a high level of quality and significantly increase their output to meet market demand. The unfortunate downside is currently some of the products and accessories are hard to find, or not available.

The Nomad-L is an excellent suppressor and incorporates everything we like about the Nomad-30. The added size and performance is a great match for our short barrel precision rifles. The modularity and accessories allow you to configure the suppressor for different hosts and its rated for up to .300 Norma Magnum. Once the manufacturing changeover is complete we anticipate products will be readily available again. Next we’ll need a Sandman-L to round out a pretty sweet collection from Dead Air Silencers!