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Labor Services

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We have clients that to like to purchase their own actions & barrel blanks to send in to have us take care of the machine work. We chamber barrels utilizing client supplied parts with the same methods and standards as any DMR product. We offer efficient turnaround time, exemplary workmanship and proven accuracy. All barrel work is done [...]

Eye Protection: Arclite Optics

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I was first introduced to Arclite Optics Ethos Sheild glasses in 2015-2016 during a Sin City Precision event by my friend Lars. Initially they seemed a little unorthodox compared to eye protection I was already accustom to using, but it didn’t take long and I began to understand the differences behind their design. Arclite Optics [...]

Made to order: AIAT Barrels

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DMR barrels for the Accuracy International AT are available made to order. DMR LLC AIAT barrels are made with the same quality and attention to detail as all DMR products and services. We start with a premium match grade stainless steel Bartlein 5R barrel in medium Palma, or heavy Palma contour and chamber it to our exacting standards. This [...]

OSS Suppressors: HX-QD 762 Ti

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OSS Suppressors is the home of Flow-Through™ technology. The HX-QD line is the second generation of this technology. The model we’ve been given the opportunity to use is the HX-QD 762 Ti. The best way for me to describe Flow-Through™ technology is by saying instead of baffles, the core of the suppressor looks more like the [...]

Dead Air Silencers: Nomad-30

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We were somehow able to get our hands on the new Nomad-30 from Dead Air Silencers. The Nomad-30 boasts a short overall length, lightweight and high efficiency baffle design. The suppressor also incorporates additional features that make it very appealing for use on multiple platforms. The Nomad-30 comes in shorter & lighter than the [...]

CGS Group: Hyperion Suppressor

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We’ve been anticipating the Hyperion suppressor from CGS Group for awhile and managed to get our hands on one recently. CGS Group is located in Artesia, New Mexico and also known for the design & manufacture of the CGS PANDORA™ firing device. The Hyperion suppressor we have is a 0.264″/6.5mm bore that attaches via [...]

Rugged Suppressors: Surge 762

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The Rugged Surge 762 is a QD suppressor that caught our attention because it incorporated ADAPT™ Modular Technology. ADAPT™ Technology gives you ability to significantly shorten the suppressor and use bore specific end caps to maximize suppression performance. The Surge attaches via dual taper lock QD mount and all Rugged products have an [...]

Cole-TAC: Shooting Bags

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  Cole-Tac is located in the North Eastern US and has grown to become one of our favorite companies. They manufacture shooting gear and accessories here in the USA. Cole-Tac started with suppressor covers and quickly expanded. Currently they offer a wide range of products for shooting enthusiasts of all types. We have had the pleasure of [...]

Contract Manufacturing Service

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Did you know DMR LLC provides precision contract manufacturing services for other FFL’s & retailers? We have an inventory of barrel blanks from manufacturers like Bartlein & Benchmark. We also offer wholesale pricing on products like our Accuracy International AT, Curtis Custom Valor/Vector, Terminus Zeus & Desert Tech SRS [...]

Long Range Hunting Riflescope

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In recent years my focus has shifted from practical long range rifle competitions to big game hunting. I still participate periodically in the local match and enjoy shooting recreationally. As I listen to input from our clients regarding their hunting rifle builds, I have gotten used to taking into consideration the weight of every [...]